The game Commando has a small variety of weapons. It has 3 weapon types in general: a knife, a rifle and a hand grenade.


Rifle modeEdit

The rifle is controlled using the mouse; it can be aimed upwards or to the side the player is facing, and shoot using the left mouse button. The sort of ammunition used is determined by the type of the recent ammo box picked up by the player. It can shoot bullets, missiles, or become a shotgun. By default, the player starts with a simple handgun. Shooting can be done upwards or to the sides only. If the player owns a gun that shoots bullets, he can fire a burst of rounds from one of these directions to another, by firing and then quickly aiming to the direction he'd like the burst to flow to.


The knife can only be used in close ranges, and only targeted at soldiers. It is used by standing next to an enemy soldier, and then clickign the left mouse button. Instead of firing the gun, the player would pull a knfe and stab any nearby enemy. there is no limit for how many times the knife can be used.

Hand grenadeEdit

The hand grenade (also known as Bomb from the ammo boxes), which is thrown towards the direction the player looks using the Space button.

List of weaponsEdit


weapon Description Usage
Knife Stabs nearby enemy soldiers Using the left mouse button. Only works on close ranges
Hand grenade (Bomb) Throws a hand grenade towards the direction the player looked while activating. Its explosion is similar to the Nayberg NS30's. Can take out several enemies at once. The player starts with 10 grenades, and each grenade ammo box adds 10 extra grenades Activated using the Space button
0158 machine gun Mounted on the 0158, this weapon is only usable in mission 1. It can by used by jumping on top of the gun, and deactivated by hopping off. It has an unlimited ammunition, but can only fire in 3-round bursts. Constantly pressing the left mouse button simulates a fully-automatic mode Firing is done using the left mouse button. Aiming is done using the right/left arrows, and can be done in a 180° angle, from left, to top, to right: pressing left moves the player to the left, and thereby the barrel moves to the opposite direction, and vice versa
Airplane gun In the beginning of mission 3, the player flies an airplane, and uses its mounted gun to destroy enemy soldiers with parachutes and enemy aircrafts Flying is done using the arrow keys, and pressing them will also rotate the gun's barrel

Ammunition boxesEdit

Similarly to its next counterpart- Commando 2- Commando also has uses in Ammunition Boxes. However, the player can only carry the same firearm type at once, and cannot switch between the weapons. Each ammo box has a label that indicates its weapon type. Each type has its own number of rounds for its ammo boxes (e.g. the M ammo boxes all give 200 machine gun rounds). If the player picks an ammo box from the same weapon type he currently has, the number of rounds from the box will be added to the number of rounds left. Otherwise, his weapon type will be changed, and he would carry as many rounds as the box contained.

Hand grenades have their own ammunition boxes, which adds 10 grenades to the number of grenades left.

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