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Weapons are a feature in games of The Commando Series. They are used for killing enemies and bosses, and are used to complete the missions and earn points.

Weapons in Commando 2Edit

There are of 36 weapons a total in Commando 2, which are divided into 9 different categories, from A to I (pistols, machine guns, special weapons, etc.). two of the weapons- the Knife and the Barreti- are default weapons. Each weapon has it's own magazine and amount of bullets.

Most of the weapons are added during the first 6 missions. After accomplishing the game the Kee-Jerk Terminator and the Metal Driller will be available.

The most powerful weapon in the game is the Dragon Destructor, while the least powerful weapon is the default handgun, the Barreti MC21.

List of WeaponsEdit

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  • In Commando 2, weapons with an infinite ammunition actually have 99999999 rounds in their magazine. When their magazine reaches 999 rounds, the sign will be replaced with the actual magazine size.
  • Weapons can be reloaded from ammunition boxes.


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