Warlord Samurai
Commando Assault Shape 73
Boss Info
Appearances Commando 2, Commando Assault

Warlord Samurai is a boss in The Commando Series. It appears in the games Commando 2 and Commando Assault.

Commando 2Edit

The Warlord Samurai that appears at levels 4, 8, and 12 in Commando 2. It is installed at the top of a tall rocket which is divided into sections that the player has to go through in order to reach the final boss. When destroying the boss in Mission 12 (the last one), an escape craft would get out of the missile top.

It shoots a blue laser ray and destroys the player's floating platform when the player first comes to the last level of the rocket. The blue laser harms the player and cannot be dodged in any case, so the player must have enough health to endure fighting the head. This boss can shoot fire balls all around it. It is the final boss and is quite weak, but the player is weakened because of the lower stages of the rocket.

The rocketEdit

The rocket is the final boss of the game. It is made up of four sections, by the following order (from the rocket's base to its top):

  1. A rocket dispenser and three Red Japanese. The rockets can be destroyed and dodged by jumping, but are protected by a cover at first. When the cover is destroyed and the soldiers are killed, you can destroy the stage.
  2. Three grenade launchers and an officer and two Nazis manning a laser cannon. The grenade launchers are very hard to dodge, so it is advised you destroy them. The laser cannon too. All weapons on this stage do less damage, but are hard to dodge. When you first enter this stage, it is advised to destroy the laser cannon as soon as possible using the ultimate destruction . This should take 2 -3 seconds on easy mode.  
  3. Three rocket launchers and three torpedo launchers. The torpedoes are homing and can be dodged or destroyed, while the rockets will simply rain down on you. It is advised to shoot some to create a 'hole' in which the player can stay. Once all launchers are destroyed, the module falls, and reveals 4 dots that aim laser beams at the player.

When all 4 dots are destroyed, you can destroy the stage.

  1. The head is the Warlord Samurai. It shoots fire balls in a circle.

Commando AssaultEdit

In Commando Assault, the Warlord Samurai is used as a boss in the Level 5. Only its head is featured there, and it hovers towards the character's base. It shoots large bullets in a circle, which do about 100 damage each, so it is advised to constantly move around in order to avoid being hit. The Warlord Samurai is classified as an aircraft enemy, meaning that only you, the barbettes and the base can shoot at it.