Commando Final Boss

Notice the lifts.

The Rebel Wall of Arms[1] is the final boss of Commando 1. When you meet this, you first must destroy the shields at its sides. They can drop explosions, but until the other shield's lift. After breaking the shields you will see six buttons that can be destroyed. Be careful as from this phase the cannon shoots Super Grenades at the player. There are two turrets at the edges that shoot rockets, but can be easily evaded. After destroying the turret, the boss is gone. Mission all over!
Commando ending

The final mission ending.


  • It's unknown how did this appear as the Rebel Army was founded in 2023, while the game is placed in 1940. Most likely they time traveled. Perhaps that Rebels' time portal has been used to bring this thing into WWII.
  • This also may explain the presence of the Warlord Samurai in Commando 2, whose rocket has a laser cannon and 4 laser beam shooting balls. Laser weapons didn't even exist in WWII. The first rocket with someone on board was launched in 1961[2].
  • It is possible to avoid the shields' attacks by jumping when on the lift.
  • When shield go up to prepare the attack, you can shoot the buttons for a small amount of time.
  • The lifts block bullets, but they cannot be destroyed.
  • When you destroy the turret, the entire machine explodes and you win the mission.


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