Sling Raider
Sling Raider clear
Boss Info
Appearances Commando 2, Commando Assault

The Sling Raider is a boss which appears in mission 1, 5, and 9 in Commando 2.

It is a tank-like vehicle which has a sling that throws rocks, an onstand heavy Japanese soldier, and a spiked front which can be deadly when the vehicle comes forward to the player. 2 Japanese infantry operate the sling, while the heavy Japanese fires from his platform, making it hard to avoid damage, especially when the Sling Raider charges forward. The rocks can be shot, which will split them. This is not advised as it will be harder to dodge.

It is possible to aviod most damage by getting behind the sling raider's shield. This can be done by running towards it as it emerges or crouching while walking to it. This position is too low for both the sling and the machine-gun to hit. However, when the sling raider charges, it may run into its own rocks, damaging you. This only happens occasionaly.