Weapon Info
Magazine Size 50
Level Obtained Level 1
Noise? Yes
Weapon Category Category E
Points per Hit 150 (per arrow)

Scorpion is a type of bow and arrow weapon in the game Commando 2. It is a automatically obtained by creating a player. Every hit gives extra bonus of 150 points.

It's magazine has 50 groups of 3 explosive arrows , before it needs to be reloaded.


  • It is the only Bow in the game, along with Logan-35.
  • It is part of Category E.
  • Each shot includes 3 explosive arrows, but their lane is arch shaped, and they hit the ground too soon.
  • It has a very small range, unlike the Logan-35, which is very accurated.
  • Looking closely, the top part of the Scorpion's arrows is actually orange.
  • The female character shoots the Scorpion faster than the male.


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