Weapon Info
Magazine Size 15
Level Obtained Mission 4
Noise? Yes
Weapon Category Category F
Points per Hit 50

The PA-4514 is a powerful weapon in the game Commando 2. It is obtained by accomplishing the 3rd mission.


The PA-4514 is a powerful Pump-action shotgun, similar to the Poncho-25, although it is more powerful and causes more damage. It deals out damage in such a way that it can get past obstacles, like shooting enemies behind a wall. It has smaller clip size than the Poncho-25.


Commando 2 Sound Weapons PA-4514 shot


  • The PA-4514 is the only weapon, along with the Poncho-25, that can shoot behind a wall.
  • It is the second weapon with the smallest magazine, after the Dragon Destructor.
  • It is probably based on a short barrel version of one of the shotguns of Remington, likely to be the Model 870.
  • The firing sound is shared by the M3 from Counter-Strike, and thus has a pumping sound, unlike the Poncho-25.


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