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Missions are the name given to all 12 level in the game Commando 2. There are four different Missions, and every mission comes on Easy, Normal, and Hard mode. The same mission will get harder to pass on Normal and Hard modes- while new enemies will be added, and your player will lose more energy from every hit. In addition, the enemies will be harder to defeat.

Mission 1Edit

This mission is taking place on an area of quartz mines.

Part 1: The mission is started while your character jumps from an airplane to a farm roof. The path that the player travels leads to a lake or a river, where enemy soldiers are fishing in small boats. after the lake there is a big gate, that blocks the way to a mine enterace. When the gate will be destroyed, an Enemy airplane will appear in the sky. After a short distance, a Tank guards an entrance of a mine (probably of some kind of mineral such as Quartz).

Part 2: In the mine, six vehicles will be driving towards the character, and he/she will have to destroy them or jump over them. Then, the commando will have to climb up a slope, while facing many rolling barrels and soldiers. After that is a hut containing a tank. Another slope, this time much steeper, and now the player will face rolling minecarts. There is no choice but to destroy them or take damage. The player will then face several soldiers.

Part 3: On the next area, the player will be heading down a hill on a forest, and some soldiers will be waiting for him behind the plants. At the base of the hill, the level Boss will be waiting to the player. A glitch allows the player to run towards the enemies and stand underneath the boss.

Mission 2Edit

The mission begins with a car carrying the player to a street, presumably in somewhere like Japan. Many soldiers will show up, some in the houses, which can be destroyed. Soldiers will also come out of houses. The street also has snipers, swordsmen and a tank. The street leads to a building, presumably a warehouse. From there, the player will go to a cave, and then near to the end, will travel on horseback to reach the boss' area, which is a kung fu warrior.

Mission 3Edit

The Mission Begins when the player paraglides down to the ground after a short period of time the player will see many crocs stages and cabins with crocs, a lake, and on an elephant, the player enters the cave. Here, he must climb multiple platforms by jumping and trying not to fall off to his death. Commando also must progres through multiple laser guns on the wall firing in patterns. This is the most time consuming part. After exiting the cave, the player battles two tanks and then approaches the boss area. Although there is technically only one boss on the level, there is a Hellraiser plane that appears which, in normal and hard difficulty, is usually the cause of Commando's death, or it weakens it so the crab, the next boss can kill him. After defeating the hellraiser, commando drops onto a moving train, where the crabocolypse, a giant, armed, mechanical crab attacks the player. It's first attacks are a spray of bullets from a minigun and smashing commando with its claws which must be dodged. After losing significant health, it will start shooting tank-like-missiles out of a gun on the shoulder and explosive balls from its other shoulder.

Mission 4Edit

This mission begines in a small dock platform at the buttom of a cliff, where the 0158 brings the player. Then he needs to go all the way to the top of the cliff, while dodging rolling barrels and kill the enemies on his way. The player enters a cabin, where the kung fu warrior boss from level 2 waits. After escaping, the player travels through many areas, many of which are chosen by the players from different optional paths. After passing through many buildings, Commando gets to the final stage. The boss is the doomtrax, a tank like machine that fires napalm and tank shots, and there are a few soldiers accompanying it. After significant damage has been done to it, it will fire a massive rocket that homes onto the player, but it can be easily destroyed by firing at it. When the seemingly easy-to-defeat doomtrax is destroyed, the mission doesn't end, and the player progresses to a rocket in the ground shaped like a samurai's helmet. Next to it are the suit villain, the karate officer, the farmer swordsman, and a machine gunner, and the kung fu warrior. The rocket blasts off and commando is given a small blast pad to follow it with. In the air, there are 4 levels. The first has a missile chamber that fires a volley of missles at the player, and then rechambers to fire again. Behind it are 3 red soldiers who shoot at the player. The missies can be avoided by crouching in the far left of the screen, then running forward and jumping as the missiles fire. With timing, they can be avoided. After shooting the chamber for a while, it will break and stop shooting, and the player can shoot the soldiers (although they can be killled earlier if you use the DA Moonshadow). After they are dead, the chamber will start shooting again. After blowing up the bottom part, you will move up to the next part. There is a huge laser cannon with a few soldiers behind it and 3 hot iron shooting guns behind. Every view seconds, one of the soldiers will give the order and the laser cannon will fire a massive beam. It is not possible to dodge this beam, so it is recommended to destroy the cannon as soon as possible. It is then recommended to destroy the bottom iron shot, so you can crouch as use the pistol on the remaining ones without getting hit. After destroying all, the level will blow up. The next level has 6 missile chambers. 3 of them fire a volley of slow homing missiles each, and the other 3 shoot a bunch of missiles which rain down on you. The easiest way to finish this part is to use a high explosive gun like the p25 maisto to hit the bottom chambers and the explosion will destroy the top ones. Once all are destroyed, the whole front panel of the level will fall off revealing 4 red button like dots flying around the interior. They will shoot laser beams at you. Although they are quick and nimble, they have lots of health, and instead of using an automatic gun, it is recommmened to use a launcher and aim carefully to hit them when the group so you can do damage to multiple with one bullet. The last level will trigger a boss warning of "warlord samurai" and you will come to the level of the head. It will fire a blue beam similar to that of level 2 of the boss, and you will have seconds to jump off your damaged hovercraft onto the head. Once there, the head will shoot tank like bullets in a full circle from its mouth, and you have to dodge it. Just do as much damage as possible while dodging them. Once destroyed, an escape pod will fly out carrying the kung fu warrior and a machine gunner. The warrior will laugh and then fly off. The mission is then complete.


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