Machinegun Robot
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Boss Info
Appearances Commando, Commando 2, Commando Assault

The Machinegun Robot is a boss that appears in the games Commando, Commando 2, and Commando Assault.

It is armed with a machine gun, a rocket launcher, and a long blade.

Commando and Commando 2Edit

This boss enters the screen once the player rides on the 02, is flying in a position corner of the screen, and shooting the player using a machine gun. Every few seconds, it launches a heat-seeking missile. It keeps doing this as long as the player stays on the top of the driver's cabin, but once standing on the cargo area of the 02, the Machinegun Robot would fly toards the player, and attempt to hit him using its blade. Also, in mission 12, the Machinegun Robot attacks the player quicker after standing on the cargo area.

Commando AssaultEdit

In Commando Assault, this Boss can be launched from the Enemy Bases on Level 3 and up.