MC-5 Defender
MC-5 Defender
Weapon Info
Magazine Size Unlimited
Level Obtained Level 3
Noise? Yes (MC-5 Defender), No (W/Silenced)
Weapon Category Category C (MC-5 Defender), Category B (W/Silenced)
Points per Hit 100

The MC-5 Defender is a handgun in the game Commando 2. It is obtained by finishing the second Mission. Every hit gives extra bonus of 100 points. There is also a silenced version of this gun.

It has an unlimited amount of bullets in the magazine.


  • The silenced version is called MC-5 Defender w/Silenced.
  • It is part of Category B, while the silenced version is part of Category C.
  • It is the 3rd handgun in the game.
  • Chinese Gangsters wield an all-black version.
  • It is based off the Mauser C96.


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