This page is a list of all weapons in the games of the Commando series.

Commando 2 weaponsEdit

This is a list of all weapons in the game Commando 2. Weapons are obtainable by accomplishing missions only. 9 of the weapons here are automaticaly available when creating a player. The weapons are devided to 9 different categories. This list includes its names, in which level available, damage done, information, and point per direct shoot/ hit:

Default Knife, Barreti Weapons that cannot be removed from the inventory.
Category A Commando Sword, Hand Grenade, Flame Cocktail Includes weapons that would not fit in any other category. They include they only non-default melee weapon(Commando Sword), and the only weapons that are thrown(Hand Grenade and Flame Cocktail).
Category B Barreti MC21, Cult Commando w/ Silence, MC-5 Defender W/Silenced, Desert Rat W/Silencer Includes silenced pistols. These are silenced versions for the pistols of Category C.
Category C Cult Commando, MC-5 Defender, Desert Rat Includes pistols. These are regular versions for the silenced pistols of Category B.
Category D SG-200, Stingfire 220, The Catcher, MK-150, MCP-Avenger Includes rifles and machine guns.
Category E Scorpion, Logan-35 Includes explosive bows.
Category F PA-4514, Poncho-25, Ti-rex M30, C25 Marrugo, Dominator Includes light and medium multishot weapons.
Category G Nayberg NS30, P25-Maisto, SE-40 Prowse, Glenos-G 160, TI Prescision Includes rocket launchers and heavy machine guns.
Category H Big Lester, DA Moonshadow, ALX-W30, Pequeno-R25 Includes heavy multishot weapons.
Category I Dragon Destructor, Metal Driller, Kee-Jerk Terminator Includes the most powerful weapons in the game.

Commando Assault weaponsEdit

The following weapons are given as the mission begins, not including weapons that can be obtained during the mission.

Mission 1 Barreti, SG-200, Poncho-25, Nayberg NS30, ALX-W30
Mission 2 Cult Commando, Stingfire 220, Poncho-25, P25-Maisto, ALX-W30
Mission 3 MC-5 Defender, The Catcher, PA-4514, DA Moonshadow, Dragon Destructor
Mission 4 Desert Rat, MK-150, PA-4514, C25 Marrugo, Dragon Destructor
Final Battle Desert Rat, MCP-Avenger, Double-barreled shotgun, Dominator, Dragon Destructor
Additional weapons Pequeno-R25 , TI Prescision, Glenos-G 160 , Kee-Jerk Terminator

Commando: Rush weaponsEdit

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Commando 2Edit

  • Although the inventory has 6 empty slots, only 4 weapons can be placed in it because there are two default weapons.
  • It is almost impossible to pass level 8 and Hard Mode levels without using ammo and health hacks, but technically, an experienced player can do this.
  • Weapons with an unlimited ammo actually have 99,999,999 rounds. If a weapon has a total of 1000 or more round, they would be displayed as infinity (∞).


Commando 2 galleryEdit

Weapons of the Commando series
Commando 2
Default Wepons Knife Barreti
Category A Commando Sword Flame Cocktail Hand Grenade
Category B Barreti MC-21 MC-5 Defender w/silencer MC-5 Defender w/silencer Desert Rat w/silencer
Category C Cult Commando MC-5 Defender Desert Rat
Category D SG-200 Stingfire 220 The Catcher MK-150 MCP-Avenger
Category E Scorpion Logan-35
Category F PA-4514 Poncho-25 Ti-rex M30 C25 Marrugo Dominator
Category G Nayberg NS30 P25-Maisto SE-40 Prowse Glenos-G 160 TI Prescision
Category H Big Lester DA Moonshadow ALX-W30 Pequeno-R25
Category I Dragon Destructor Metal Driller Kee-Jerk Terminator
Commando Assault
Mission 1 Barreti SG-200 Poncho-25 Nayberg NS30 ALX-W30
Mission 2 Cult Commando Stingfire 220 Poncho-25 P25-Maisto ALX-W30
Mission 3 MC-5 Defender The Catcher PA-4514 DA Moonshadow Dragon Destructor
Mission 4 Desert Rat MK-150 PA-4514 C25 Marrugo Dragon Destructor
Final Battle Desert Rat MCP-Avenger Double-barreled shotgun Dominator Dragon Destructor
Additional weapons Big Lester TI Prescision Metal Driller Kee-Jerk Terminator