Kongfu Warrior
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Boss Info
Appearances Commando 2, Commando Assault

The Kongfu Warrior is an enemy in the games Commando Assault and Commando 2 and also appears as a boss in some cases.

Commando 2Edit

The Kongfu Warrior appears as a boss in missions 2, 6, and 10, but also appears as a normal enemy in missions 4, 8, and 12. The kong fu warrior is a man with strong muscles, a white judogi, and short black hair. He shows some resemblance to Ryu from Street Fighter. When he loses 1/2 of his health, he removes his shirt and his body becomes red. On this "raging" mode, his moves are much quicker, and he is able to launch pink fireballs.


In his former form, his abilities consist of spinning and kicking himself towards the player, shooting a purple ki blast, and an uppercut. In his red bodied form, his powers improve drasticaly. He is able to jump and come down quickly and do a spinning kick, which is far faster and deadlier. He can also make an uppper cut, but this time, many ki blasts come along with the attack, making it far more dangerous than his previous technique. His normal ki attack also improves. This time he shoots three blasts.

Upon defeat, he turns back into his tan skinned form, and finishes himself off with a knife.

Commando AssaultEdit

In Commando Assault he is a normal enemy, and doesn't become red after taking a large damage. However, he can still launch pink fireball blasts, and when defeated, he stabs himself with a knife.