Hell Bearer
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Boss Info
Appearances Commando, Commando 2, Commando Assault

The Hell Bearer is an enemy aircraft that is featured in several games of the Commando series. It is used as a mini-boss in mission 3 of the game Commando 2, and is used as a boss in the games Commando and Commando Assault.


In the game Commando, the Hell Bearer is the boss of the first mission. It is hovering above the Submarine.
Like in Commando 2, it has 2 machine guns- one on each wing, and each one shoots bullets while rotating. Once in a while it launches a missile, however it does not include a large cannon. It also appears in mission 3.

Commando 2Edit

It has 2 machine guns, 2 guided missiles launchers, and 1 large cannon that starts firing after the Hell Bearer has taken enough damage. Each machine gun starts firing every several seconds, and spins while shooting in order to cover a large range.
The the rocket launchers launch guided missiles every few seconds.
The cannon follows the player, and once a while shoots a large explosive round, like the P25-Maisto's.


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