Commando 2 food 1062

The Soda Can, a typical food

Food is used to regain the character's health. In Commando 2, food items can be obtained by destroying some objects, such as barrels and vehicles, but is sometimes also dropped when killing some enemies. A series of food products is available when starting the game, and when playing the Medium or Hard game modes, a larger variety is available. Each food item has its own constant health regeneration value, which ranges from 5 to 50 health points.

Types of FoodEdit

There are several food items in Commando 2. Some of them can be collected start on the Easy mode, which is the first 4 missions in the game. The others- which have a greater effect- can only be found in the Medium or Hard modes. Here is the list of these items:

Image Product Health boost Game modes
Commando 2 food 1061
Soda Can 5 All
Commando 2 food 1063
Dumpling 10
Commando 2 1072
Skewer 15
Commando 2 food 1075
Can of Soup 20
Image 1078
Fruit Plate 25
Commando 2 food 1080
Salad 30
Commando 2 food 1107
Coconut 5
Image 1109
Bananas 10
Commando 2 food 1089
Pack of Dumplings 35 Medium/Hard
Commando 2 food 1092
Roasted Turkey 40
Commando 2 food 1095
Steamed Lobster 45 Hard
Commando 2 food 1104
Whole Pork 50


Hot Chocolate ??? Unused Food


  • The Banana and Coconut are the only food products exclusive to a particular level; they only appear in mission 4 of each difficulty mode, by shooting at and destroying the corresponding fruits from trees.
  • The Hot Chocolate is the most unused food. The Hot Chocolate they only appear in Commando 1. Not only in Commando 2 because is look spoiled.

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