Flame Cocktail
Flame Cocktail
Weapon Info
Magazine Size 40
Level Obtained Level 1
Noise? No
Weapon Category Category A
Points per Hit 100

The Flame Cocktail is a weapon in the game Commando 2. It is automatically obtained by creating a player. Every hit gives the player an extra bonus of 100 points.
There are 40 flame bottles until it needs to be reloaded.

It gives off 3 explosions, making it suitable for killing groups of soldiers or enemies.


  • It remove 5 HP per splash on easy mode
  • The red liquid in the bottle catches fire very quickly, so when the bottle hits the ground and breaks, it explodes.
  • It is the third weapon in Category A.
  • Unfortunately, the bottle will only explode while touching the ground, so it cannot harm Enemies that don't stand near the ground.
  • The flaming cocktail a real weapon. It is a cheap verson of the grenade. 

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