Dragon Destructor
Dragon Destructor
Weapon Info
Magazine Size 10
Level Obtained Level 12
Noise? Yes
Weapon Category I
Points per Hit 100

The Dragon Destructor is a powerful weapon in the Commando 2. It shoots massive explosive shells and has the highest damage rating out of every weapon in the game. It is obtained by finishing the 11th mission, and it is part of Category I. Every hit gives extra 100 points.

It's magazine only contains 10 Bullets.


  • It is the most powerful weapon in the game, in terms of DPA.
  • It has the smallest magazine in the game.
  • It has the longest reload time.
  • It is good for clearing tanks, planes, big groups of soldiers, and other powerful obstacles.
  • While the Character holding the Dragon Destructor, it is possible to see he is wearing green gloves.
  • It is also available in Commando Assault, having 15 rounds in the magazine, being an improvement for the weapon.
  • It has an explosion animation exclusive to this weapon, in Commando 2 and Assault.
  • You can actually preform a trick with this weapon and mostly every gun. While shooting, quickly roll over up and down your mouse roller. This will make you shooting with mostly all your weapons very fast, delivering a powerful load but also consuming your ammo very fast. Also, because of this weapons recoil, you will mostly aim up and very hardly straight, so the trick may be only useful on the stages 3,7 and 11 where there are many enemies above you as well as the two final bosses. Works best with explosives with slow reloading like this gun.
  • In Commando 3, theres a yellow version of the Dragon Destructor that launches two rockets at a time at a much faster rate. But the rockets are weaker than the 1 massive bullet the red Dragon Destructor fires.


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