DA Moonshadow
DA Moonshadow
Weapon Info
Magazine Size 35 shells
Level Obtained Level 6
Noise? Yes
Weapon Category Category H
Points per Hit 50

DA Moonshadow is a Cluster munition weapon in the game Commando 2. It shoots a slow and heavy shell (cannon shells, not shotgun), that makes its route as a shape of an arc. When impacting with the ground, the shell will explode, and 5 horizon explosions will occur. It is obtained by accomplishing mission 5. Every hit gives extra bonus of 50 points.


  • It is very difficult to control, because is can be inaccurate while shooting.
  • The DA Moonshadow gives extra 50 points per hit.
  • It explosion is very similar to the Flame Cocktail's's explosion, but it is bigger, and can be occur on enemies above ground, too.
  • It is part of Category H, along with the Big Lester, ALX-W30, and Pequeno-R25.
  • It is the only weapon in Category H unlocked in Normal Mode (the other three weapons in this category will be unlocked in Hard Mode missions).
  • It is very useful in the Missions of Normal and Hard modes.
  • It is an ideal weapon against the 3 red-skinned Japanese soldiers on the first section of the Warlord Samurai.
  • Its range is very low.


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