Commando Sword
Commando Swod
Weapon Info
Magazine Size Unlimited
Level Obtained Level 1
Noise? No
Weapon Category Category A
Points per Hit 500

The Commando Sword is a weapon in the game Commando 2. It is automatically obtained by creating a player. Every hit (or- in this case- cut/stab) gives extra bonus of 500 points.


  • It remove 6 hp to enemies on Easy mode.
  • It is very similair to the Knife, but it has a longer blade, and a longer time is taking until the next hit.
  • The Commando Sword gives extra 500 points- more than any other weapon in the game (Although the Knife and the Metal Driller gives the same bonus).
  • It is slightly more powerful than the knife, but as it wastes another unremovable weapon's role, and is abandoned by many Commando 2 players in favor of more powerful weapons.


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