Commando Defense
Commando Defense icon
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Game Info
Developer Miniclip
Release date February 23, 2012
Controls Mouse
Players 1
Levels 16
Game category Tower Defense

Commando Defense is a single-player tower defense game, developed by Miniclip. The game was released on February 23, 2012.


There are 16 different maps. In each one of them, the game is played on an elevated area, where a deep path with turns begines on one of the map's side and ends on another side of it. However, in some maps, there are more than one enterace and/or one exit.
Each map has a number of enemy waves, that come from the path's beginning to its end.
The player character has a machine gun and shoots enemies in its range, and can walk to the other parts of the elevated ground and cross the path from bridges.
On the sides of the path several metalic squares are placed, where the player can construct towers for attacking enemies. Towers can then be upgraded (for increasing damage and range) or deleted.
By killing ememies, the player earns money, allowing him to build and upgrade towers. Also, the player can send troop units tha cme from the end of the path to its beginning, damaging earby enemies.

Actions and ControlsEdit

Action How it's done
Walking Clicking somewhere on the elevated ground or bridges
Building towers Selecting an empty metalic square, then choosing a tower from the bottom-right bar
Sending troops Selecting a unit from the bottom-left bar
Selling towers Selecting a tower, then pressing the "Sell" button that pops above it
Upgrading towers Selecting a tower, then pressing the "Upgrade" button that pops above it


There are two types of enemies: ground enemies and aircrafts. If a ground enemie makes all the way to the end of the path, the player loses a life. If the player loses all 15 lives, the game is over.


Each tower has its own price and range. The more a tower is upgraded, the wider its range is, the more powerful it is, and the higher his selling value is. Towers cannot be upgraded more than 4 times. On each upgrade, the following upgrade's cost gets higher.

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