Commando 3
Commando 3 main menu
The main menu
Game Info
Developer Miniclip
Release date October 2011 (previw),
November 2011 (official)
Controls Mouse, WASD
Players 1
Levels 10
Game category Action

Commando 3 is an action game, published by Miniclip in November 2011. The game has 10 missions- 5 on normal mode and 5 ond hard- and is part of the Commando Series. A demo version, which includes the first mission with some changes, was published in October that year.


  • A- move left.
  • D- move right.
  • W- jump.
  • S- duck (mirror shooting mode with SMG).
  • Q/ Scroll up- previous weapon.
  • E/ Scroll down- next weapon.
  • Mouse- aim.
  • Left mouse button- shoot.

Duck with SMGsEdit

Pressing "S" while using an SMG (one in each hand) results aiming the two SMGs on both sides of the screen: one to where the player is aiming at, and the other to the point on hte same height but opposite relative to the player.


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