Commando 2
Commando 2 Shape 115
Game Info
Developer Miniclip
Release date September 24, 2008
Controls Arrows, Mouse, WASD
Players 1
Levels 12
Game category Shoot 'Em Up, Action

Commando 2, published on September 24, 2008[1], is an Online game, developed by Miniclip. The target of the game is to go through a certain amount of levels, and killing the enemies while walking through the levels. There are a wide variety of weapons, all of which have been renamed. Following the completion of each mission, the player unlocks several new weapons. Over the course of the game, the weapons unlocked are more powerful than the ones before them. There are 3 acts, and each one is exactly the same as the first act, although more enemies and obstacles are added.


The game takes place in World War 2 China, Thailand and Japan, where the player needs to complete a total of 12 missions, which are divided into 3 grades of difficulty; easy, normal and hard. It is the second in The Commando Series. Several features and enemies were taken from the first game.

Game playEdit

Moving is done by using the arrow keys or the keys A, W, S, and D. Switching weapons is done by pressing Q, E or the mouse scrool, and aiming and shooting is done using the mouse.


The game allows you to choose one of two characters, a male or a female, and also allows you to name them. Each individual player is given a save slot which automatically saves the player's progress after completing each mission and the game has a total of 5 player slots. After selecting your character, you can also choose the mission you want to play, but you can only choose new missions and missions that have already been completed.Edit

The game also allows you to choose the keys that switch between weapons during a mission and control the player's movements. The default keys are the Q, E and W, A, S ,D and the arrow keys, but they can be switched to any keys on the keyboard.Edit

For every mission, your player receives new weapons, which can be added to a six-slot inventory (the barreti and the knife are default weapons and cannot be removed or replaced, therefore only 4 weapons can be added).

Your player can kill Enemies, collect items dropped by enemies or bonuses for extra points, collect food to restore health and select missions.

At the start of the game, your character has a full health bar and 9 extra lives. If all of them are lost before you can complete the game, your current score will become your final score which can then be added to the scoreboard. Upon starting a new game, your score will be zero.


Main article: List of Weapons#Commando 2 weapons

There are of 36 weapons a total in Commando 2, which are divided into 9 different categories, from A to I (pistols, machine guns, special weapons, etc.). The player starts with 10 weapons, and the rest are unlocked during the game- most of them during the first 6 missions. Each weapon has its own magazine size and power
The weapons go in an inventory which has 6 slots, and before startng each level, the player can fill his inventory with any of his available weapons.
Two of the weapons- the Knife and the Barreti- are default weapons, meaning they have infinite ammo and cannot be removed from the inventory (which leaves 4 free slots).
After accomplishing the game, the Kee-Jerk Terminator and the Metal Driller are available. Both have infinite ammo, making them pass as the most powerful weapons in the game.


You begin in Mission 1, dropping off on a plane onto the roof of a farm. You then encounter a small group of Japanese soldiers, all of them either sleeping or getting/being drunk. You can pick them off one-by-one with a silenced pistol or a knife, or you could fire away, they shouldn't be too hard. After your encounter with enemies, you get to a small river. You find a few boats filled with Japanese soldiers fishing, again, shouldn't be hard. You then get to the opposite coast, kill 2 guards, and finally get to a "base" area. Blowing through the the wooden barricade, you encounter a bomber plane, that sends bombs whizzing down on you. A rocket launcher would be the best bet against this airborne foe. After this fight, you tread through a gate and encounter a big force of Japanese, including a fast cavalry officer. The best way to defeat this troop is to kill the regular Japanese infantry, then jump up to the small hill, where the cavalry will be rendered harmless, giving you an easy kill. Treading on, you see a fortification filled with more infantry and 2 supply trucks. Fighting your way through, you get to the last part of the outpost, a group of Japanese infantry and a tank. Use a rocket launcher against the tank and machine-gun the regulars, which will then focus an entrance to a cave. We're going to leave the rest to you.


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