A checkpoint is a zone in a level, at which the player respawns while dying. Checkpoints exist in most of the games in the Commando Series, and allow the player to continue playing, without having to redo the entire level.


Each level is divided into several sections. Reaching the next section- whcih will usually be done by going through a door or a pathway- a checkpoint will be triggered. If the player dies during a level, they would respawn at the latest triggered checkpoint. Dying in a level before reaching any checkpoint makes the player respawn in the beginning of the level.


  • When respawning in a checkpoint, every single enemy (soldiers, tanks, etc.) and objects (boxes, barrels, Supply Truck, etc.) from that zone re-appear in their right place, but the player does not lose their score from the area of that checkpoint, meaning that the player can earn points from the same place more than once.