Commando 2 Shape 115

The Characters as seen in the menu

Character is the main player in the game Commando 2, including the other games in the series.

The Character is selected while joining the game: There is an option to change its gender and name (if not, the game will automaticaly pick a randome name).
While starting a mission, the Character will do a uniqe action: Male Characters will drink from a bottle, while Female Characters will use make up.

The male character is a muscular, onyx haired man. He wears a bracelet, a red headband, a necklace, a white shirt, a mud green coat, brown boots and blue jeans. The female character is a slender, blond-haired woman. She wears a white coat, a dark yellow shirt, a necklace, light brown boots and brown shorts.

Other Non-Enemy/Player CharactersEdit

There are some NPC in Commando 2, including the "Pilot". He appears in Missions 1 and 4, seen quickly in Mission 1 as you drop off his plane onto the roof of a hut, he then gives you a quick thumbs-up and flies away. In Mission 4, he is seen just before you battle the main boss, on a helicopter dropping a flying platform so you can chase the main boss. He could be considered an ally, and the only one you have.

There are also many citizens, natives of the Asian setting. They cannot be hurt by the player or enemies, and usually are seen performing one action unless you shoot, which causes them to flee in terror. They have no real affect on the game, in fact they are more a backdrop than a real character.


  • While selecting a character progress, the character will be holding the Barreti.
  • While holding the Dragon Destructor and the Pequeno-R25, the player's glove would change it's color to green, but it can be some sort of shield, as well.
  • The female character is said to fire more rapidly than the male character with all the pistols, machine guns, bows, hand-thrown weapons, and the knife.
  • The male character fires more rapidly than the female with the bigger weapons (shotguns, rocket/missile launchers, railgun).
  • The male character shows some resemblance to Rambo.


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