C25 Marrugo
C25 Marrugo
Weapon Info
Magazine Size 30 missiles x2
Level Obtained Level 5
Noise? Yes
Weapon Category Category F
Points per Hit 10 (per missile)

The C25 Marrugo is a weapon in the game Commando 2. It is obtained by completing the 4th mission.


The C25 Marrugo is a powerful hand-held missile launcher. It is extra powerful as it launches multiple tracking missiles. They seek out enemies only, and each missile gives extra 10 points. If there are no enemies around, they will keep movin in a stright direction.


  • Each hit gives bonus of 10 points- the least of all weapons.
  • It is one of 2 weapons that have multiple shot: the other is the Big Lester.
  • It appears in the icon of Commando 2 and Commando Assault.
  • It is the only weapon in the game that has homing projectiles.


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