Bosses are most powerful enemies that appear at the end of every mission. Bosses have a special bar that shows their total life.

In commando 2, bosses will usually come after a long string of trucks that have bonuses on them.

List of BossesEdit


Mission Boss Name
1 Hell Bearer
2 Machinegun Robot
3 Doomtraxx
4 The Rebel Wall of Arms

Commando 2Edit

There are total 6 bosses in every difficulty (18 total in the game): one boss on every mission, but levels 3 and 4 have their own mini-bosses.

Mission Boss Name
1;5;9 Sling Raider
2;6;10 Kongfu Warrior
3;7;11Hell BearerCrabocolypse
4;8;12DoomtraxxWarlord Samurai

Commando 3Edit

Mission Boss 1 Boss 2 Boss 3 Boss 4
1 Armored Elephant - - -
2 Kongfu Warrior - - -
3 Pyramid Boss (stage 1) Pyramid Boss (stage 2) Mummy Head -
4 Mechanical Underwater Dragon - - -
5 Mecha-Samurai Giant Robot Mechanical Crab Warlord Samurai 2.0


  • Bosses have extremely high health.
  • They have either extremely new and deadly weapon(s), or they have a whole heap of normal weapons that make them very powerful.
  • They have a health bar. (Commando 1 makes an exception.)
  • You can't avoid battling them.
  • They get more powerful as their health depletes.
  • They appear at the end of a mission.


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