Bonuses are objects dropped when killing enemies, and destroying objects like barrels and boxes. Collecting a certain bonus awards the player with a sum of points.
Sometimes the 'object' required to destroy them will be invisible and floating in the air, so if you are looking for points, when entering a new area, it is suggested to grab your pistol and shoot around the area to see if there are any objects, You will know if a bullet has damaged something because it plays a different animation to hitting an entity and hitting a wall/ground.

List of BonusesEdit

Commando 2Edit

Name Points Difficulty Image
Sunglasses 100 All
Walkie Talkie 150 All
Bundle of Bills 250 All
Papers  200 All
Ring 250 All
Necklace 300 All
Watch 500 Normal, Hard
Gold Bars 750 Normal, Hard
Bag of Bills 1,000 Hard
Diamond 1,500 Hard

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