Armored Helicopter
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Boss Info
Appearances Commando 2, Commando Assault, Commando 3, Commando: Rush

The Armored Helicopter is a large helicopter that is featured in the games Commando 2, Commando Assault, and Commando 3.

Commando 2Edit

In Commando 2, it is used in missions 4, 8, and 12 to transfer the character to higher ground, the reason being so that the player may keep going through the level. It is also used in the end of those missions, when a soldier drops the RX-09, which allows the player to fight the Warlord Samurai. It is also seen after ending the game, by destroying the Warlord Samurai.

Appearance in other gamesEdit

In the games Commando 2 and Commando 3, it is an enemy aircraft, while in Commando Assault and Commando: Rush it is used as a boss.


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