Animals are featured in the many levels of the game Commando 2. They are seen on the backgrounds of the missions, and sometimes involved with the settings of the game.

Animals in the gameEdit


Chickens can be seen on the 1st, the 5th, and the 9th missions of the game Commando 2. They are seen on the farm at the beginnig of the missions, and are in a group which includes 7 small chicks and one big male chicken. While shooting anywhere, the big chicken will jump, while the small chicks will keep walking normally. It is not possible to harm them, and they are part of the game's background.


Similar to Chickens, Pigs are seen in the farm on the beginning of the first mission of each difficult mode. They are moving their heads and tails, and sometimes look to the sides.


Crocodiles are enemies that can be seen start from the 3rd mission in Commando 2, and also appear in the missions of Normal and Hard modes. They attack the player, but is is possible to stand on their back, where they cannot harm the player. The crocs also appear in water, and are much faster swimming. They attack by biting the player, causing damage and knocking him/her down.


Horses are involved in some way in most of the missions. On the end of the second mission, the player has to ride a horse, in order to reach the boss of the level. On this ride, the player encounters MG trucks. It is also the transportation of the Cavalry.


Bees are enemies that appear in Missions 3, 4, 7, 8, 11, and 12. They are never by themselves, always in swarms, and their attack is 'stinging' the player.


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