Weapon Info
Magazine Size 40 shocks
Level Obtained Level 9
Noise? Yes
Weapon Category Category H
Points per Hit 50

ALX-W30 is a Weapon in the game Commando 2. It shoots fast an electrical current through the air. It is obtained by accomplishing mission 8, and Every hit gives extra bonus of 50 points.


  • It is the first weapon unlocked in Hard Mode, along with the TI Prescision.
  • It has a slow rate of fire.
  • After hitting an enemy/object, the target will flash bright and gets eliminated.
  • The current shot from the weapon can occasionally go through its target and thereby miss. This is often the case with smaller targets.
  • It is part of Category H.
  • It is available in Commando Assault with a 50-round magazine, and also exists in Commando 3 with the same magazine size. These versions lack the accuracy issue that the ALX-W30 from Commando 2 has.


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