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• 2/10/2013

An introduction to "Commando: Rush"

Hello everyone,
Today Miniclip has released a brand new game- Commando: Rush, which was released on 7 February, 2013.
I haven't got to play it, yet, but it is very similar to Commando Assault- there are 2 camps- one for you and another one for the enemy- however, you can select weapons and upgrades (you begine with Glenos-G 160). Game controls are also the same.

The game also has a variety of achivements, and i think it's a good timing for creating achivements articles as well.

As i said, i haven't got to play much, but the graphics are very similar to Nitrome's pixel art. On my free time, i'll be sure to update the wiki. I also haven't played Commando 3 much, so there are lots of things to do now ;)

Enjoy playing online games, have a nice day, and hope to see you around :)

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• 2/10/2013

An interesting fact: the objects on the game files are not made from separate groups but from a single bitmap. They must use some sort of code for positioning it like a "background-position" in the web.

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